Our history

Jimmy Larsson began practicing Ju-justu in 1982 and trough the years many seminars were arranged with both Judo and Karate instructors improve their own martial art.

Jimmy thought that they also should invite aikido instructors to widen knowledge in this area as well. He had tried aikido on different Ju-jutsu camps. In 1991 he invited Cenneth Sparby and Bo Dahlman from Uppsala aikikai and this was the start of aikido in Sundsvall.

It continued with several more seminars with these instructors and many travels to Uppsala. In 1993 Jimmy attended the yearly summer seminar with Nishi sensei in Uppsala and was so amazed by his budo that he decided to completely focus on Nishio sensei’s aikido. He attended many seminars with Nishio sensei and later with his student Shishiya sensei both in Sweden and abroad.

The aikido section in Sundsvalls Budoklubb was founded 1995 and over 80 persons applied for the first beginners course which resulted in two groups with 64 participants. The Aikido section grew quickly and is now over 100 practitioners which makes the section one of the bigger aikido clubs in Sweden. Aikido Sundsvall Meiseikai was registered as a club 2015 but the activities was held at Sundsvalls Budoclub throughout 2017. Hereafter is Aikido Sundsvall Meiseikai an independant club.

Today we have many experienced practitioners and broad activity for all ages.