Common questions

What is the difference between aikido and budo?

Budo is the name of all Japanese martial arts. Aikido is a budo.


What is the black “skirt” that some of you are wearing?

It is traditional Japanese pants named “hakama”. You wear a hakama when you get 3rd kyu after 2 years of training.


Why do you bow to the dojo and to each other?

This is Japanese traditions and the way of budo. You bow to show respect for the other person (and yourself) at the same time as it helps us to mentally prepare for practice. This is important to avoid injury during practice.


Is it too late to start training aikido when I’m 55?

No. You can practice aikido regardless of age.


What kind of equipment do I need?

From the beginning when attending the beginner’s course It is okay to have soft pants and a t-shirt. We practice barefoot and on a soft matt. Later when you have decided to continue training it is suitable to buy a Japanese training suit called “gi”. You can buy a gi for about 500:-.


Can I try before I decide to continue?

Yes! Three times for free.