Ichiro Shishiya sensei was born in 1947. He was a student to Nishio sensei from when he was 15 years old to his teachers passing. He was very often Nishio sensei´s uke and assistent in Nishio sensei´s book, and his instruction movies. 

Shishiya sensei lives in Toyko with his wife Hiroko-san who also practices aikido.

He nowadays travels the world teaching aikido in many different countries. In Sweden he teaches yearly in the summer camp in Sundsvall and the in the autumn camp in Malmo.

Ichiro Shishiya sensei is very appreciated due to his educational skill. His easy going way gets people in a good mood and he is very generous and open minded both on and off the tatami. He express the philosophy of aikido through his techniques in a very good way. Shishiya sensei put emphasis on balance breaking and circular movements and thinks that the techniques must not be painful. He often goes around during training and practices with his students and you never cease to be amazed by how soft, yet powerful his aikido is.

Shishiya sensei lives as he teaches and is a true aikidoka.


Interview with Shishiya sensei.