How we practice in Aikido Sundsvall

When you begin practicing aikido you begin in a beginners course. There you learn basic movement and ukemi (way to fall). You will have benefits of the ukemi practice even if you don’t continue practicing aikido.

When the beginners course is finished you will begin practicing in an ordinary group there everyone practice together. Children have their own groups up to the age of 13.

Beside aikido techniques, the training also improves flexibility, body coordination, balance, breathing, strength and endurance. The practice is always adjusted to your ability.

The techniques is often practiced two and two where you help each other to improve. We change training partner frequently so that you get to practice with several persons each training session.

We begin with the basic principles, which are the tools to learn aikido and its principles. These principles you continue to improve even later on. When you have a good foundation you can start to practice application of the basic techniques and principles of aikido with different attacks. We also use different sorts of equipment in our training, such as the wooden sword (bokken) and wooden staff (jo). These we use to improve our aikido further.

We practice aikido as it was taught by Shoji Nishio sensei and Shishiya sensei. We are a member in Hokuo aikikai which is a cooperation organization for clubs that practices and graduates according to Nishio sensei’s system. In our aikido we focus on aikido as a real budo with effective techniques and the connection between weapon techniques (bokken and jo) and unarmed techniques.

Many visitors give us credit for the good atmosphere we have during training and we believe that is because everyone help each other during practice and that we have fun together.



18.00-18.30: Graduation training
18.30-20.30: Aikido

17.15-18.00: Small children’s class
18.00-19.30: Beginners course
18.30-20.30 Aikido

16.30-17.45: Children’s class
17.45-19.00: Beginners course
18.00-20.00: Aikido