About us

Aikido Sundsvall Meiseikai is one of the larger aikido clubs in Sweden and we have aikido training for children and adults of alla ages. The club is led by Jimmy Larsson, 5 dan aikikai, shidoin. Our instructors are well educated and have long experience in aikido.

We have broad cooperation with other clubs in both Sweden and internationally and a close relation to Japan which is the homeland of aikido.

Our dojo is located in sporthallen with two training facilities for a total of 270 m2 of training area. See training facility.

Our club is a member of the Swedish Aikido Federation and all members are insured via the Budo- and martial arts federation. Aikido Sundsvall is also a member of Hokuo aikikai that is a cooperative organization between several clubs in Sweden.

Aikikai is the major style in aikido and which we practice in our club. All dan grades (black belt grades) are issued by Hombu dojo in Japan which is aikikai´s headquarter.

We are following the system that was taught by Nishio sensei (1927-2005) who was a student to the founder of aikido, O-sensei.

Since year 2000 we have a close relationship with Shishiya sensei, 7dan, who was a student to Nishio sensei. Our club arranges an international summer camp each year with Shishiya sensei in Sundsvall.

2014 we added the name Meiseikai to our name. Meiseikai is also the name of Shishiya sensei's club in Tokyo and we have his approval to adopt this name.

Meiseikai is a translation of the japanese name which consists of three kanji.

Mei Pictures the moon and the sun. At the sunrise both the moon and the sun can be visioned and it becomes brighter and brighter so we can start to see.

Sei Pictures water and the clour blue. It means blue water that is clear so one can see deeply.

Kai Means club.

The meaning of Meiseikai is:Through studing and looking deeply one gain more and more clarity.