Beginners course

Our beginners’ classes starts in the beginning of each semester. We have beginner courses for children 6-8 years old (small children’s class), children 8-13 years old, teenagers and adults.

Aikido is for everybody regardless of age, female or male. There are no competitions in aikido and everyone practice based on their own ability.

If you want comprehensive training that improves balance, body coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance and mental focus, then perhaps aikido is something for you! You can try three times for free!

We don’t have any requirements for beginners to have equipment, suitable clothing may be soft pants and a t-shirt. We practice barefoot on a so-called tatami, exercise mat.

If you have questions about our beginners courses you are welcome to contact us or
talk to one of us in the dojo. You find the schedule here.

You can also sign up for our courses by mailing your name, when you are born and your phone number to:

You are most welcome!



We carry a teenage venture where activities both in the dojo and outside the practice hours are being held. The practice hours are the same as for the adults.  If you are interested in our teenage activity, you can read more here.


Beginners course spring 2012 begins w.4


Adults and teenagers

Thursday 26 of januari and continuous. Time of practice for adults on Sundays is 17.45-19.00 and Thursdays 18.00-19.30.



Children 8-11 years. Sunday 29 of januari and continuous. Time of practice is 16.30-17.45. Read more.

Children 11-14 years. Tuesday 24 of januari and contiuous. Time of practice is 17.30-18.30.

Children 6-8 years. Thursday 26 of januari and continuous. Time of practice is 17.15-18.00. Read more.



We continue our successful venture for teenagers and we specifically turn to people attending to the gymnasium. See “adults and teenagers” above for training hours. 


18.00-18.30: Graduation training
18.30-20.30: Aikido

17.15-18.00: Small children’s class
18.00-19.30: Beginners course
18.30-20.30 Aikido

16.30-17.45: Children’s class
17.45-19.00: Beginners course
18.00-20.00: Aikido