Nishio sensei

Shoji Nishio sensei was born in Amori 1927. He began practicing aikido in 1955. Before that he had studied judo, karate, iaido and jodo. The experience he had gained from these martial arts he brought in to his aikido and his dynamic aikido is the result of that.

Shoji Nishio sensei was 8 dan Shihan aikikai, 7 dan iaido, 4 dan judo and 4 dan shinden shizen ryu karatedo.  Nishio sensei passed away 15th of mars 2005.
He was one of the worlds most respected aikido teachers.

Aikido is a language, an interview with Nishio-sensei.


Nishio sensei wrote a very good book, Yurusu Budo.
It is available for purchase at the club.